My Daily Must-Haves

October 28, 2020

I love learning about other people’s daily routines, from what type of coffee they drink every morning to the book they read or show they watch in the evening. I find this sort of information not only fun, but also so inspiring and insightful, always picking up little ideas here and there for me to try in my own life as well. The other day as I was going about my own routine, I was noticing all the various products that are my daily must-haves, items I use and swear by every single day, and thinking about how much I depend and love them! Curious to learn what these are!? I thought I’d share my favorite go-to’s in case you’re curious and interested as well!

And do tell me: what items are your daily must-haves!? I’d LOVE to hear!

Quip: Not only the best toothbrush ever, but it’s a subscription plan, making it super easy for the kiddos and I to replace our brushes 

Nespresso: Nespresso and I have a deep love affair that isn’t going away anytime soon!

Huskee Coffee Mug: In addition to our regular coffee mugs, I’ve been using these travel coffee mugs on walks and in the car.

My Glasses: Legit can’t survive without them. 😉 I can’t find them on the Chanel site, but this is the style and color I have; I totally splurged since I have to wear them everyday.

Noise-Cancelling Earbuds: How do I get any work done with two little ones screeching downstairs? This is how.

Hydro Flask: This water bottle is the most effective way for me to drink lots of water throughout the day.

Notepad – Appointed: I’m a notebook lover, I can never have enough. But when it comes to my go-to notebook for daily to-do’s and endless lists, this is the brand and style I depend on.

My iPhone + Cover: When it comes to daily must-haves, need I say more? 

Candles: Lighting a candle every day sets my mood and these ones here are my absolute favorites, particularly any woodsy fragrance. Use the code OID10 at checkout for 10% off at Brooklyn Candle Co!

My Favorite Pens: Considering I obsess over my notebooks, it should be no surprise that I’m picky with my pens as well. These ones are the only I use.

My Eyebrow Pencil: I don’t wear a ton of makeup but I don’t feel complete without tidying up my eyebrows daily.

Mascara: I’ve tried a bunch of different mascaras and this one here is my current favorite (it’s a clean brand too!).

ILIA Tinted Serum: I’ve raved about this tinted serum numerous times; it really is that good! It’s my go-to instead of a full face of makeup.

Face Serum: My favorite serum! Pricey…but TOTALLY worth it.

Baby Washcloths: I use these to take off my makeup with my Tata Harper Oil cleanser.

Sunscreen: I’ve been using this sunscreen every day since I tried it and I love how light and effective it is.

T-shirt: My current work from home uniform? Chic, comfy t-shirt and jeans. This shirt is my go-to.

Jeans: The older I get, the higher the rise I prefer (bring on the mom jean jokes haha!), and these mid-rise jeans fit me wonderfully!

Equilibria: CBD helps my anxiety & recent neck/back pain, which considering the year we’ve had, I can use all the help I can get.

Puracy Natural Cleaner in Lemongrass: Messes are a daily occurrence in our home so it’s safe to say that this cleaner gets plenty of action. It’s super effective at all messes that kids and dogs (and adults!) can create and I love that it’s plant-based. 

Follain Soap: I use and love multiple Follain products, but their original and classic refillable soap is an absolute staple in my home. We use this for dishes, hands, Bella, etc.

Also, I just realized one of the items I use everyday since 2020 that is not included in the graphic above…and that is a mask! Here are the masks I’ve been loving, though I can’t seem to find a mask that helps with the glasses fogging up situation. Any recs?

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