What My Daily Wardrobe Looks Like These Days

November 9, 2020

Taking a cue from the first part of the year, the end of summer and beginning of fall 2020 has continued the trend of being unique, to say the least. Going through this pandemic has affected nearly every area of our lives… and today I’m sharing how it has even affected my closet! With so many greater issues at hand, what we wear every day may seem small in comparison – and I totally agree. But that’s not to say I’ve given up on any effort when it comes to getting dressed in the morning. I have found that having intention and parting with pieces that I simply don’t wear has helped me hone in on my personal style as well as providing much-needed joy when I get ready for the day. I truly believe when you create a closet that is organized, contains pieces you love, and create systems…getting dressed becomes a better experience and you will in turn have more time.

So what exactly am I wearing these days? I’ve reworked my wardrobe a bit lately, out of necessity (hello cooler temps), current life situations (continuing to work from home), and my ongoing journey of investing in sustainable, high quality items. Trying to continue this, but also finding a few pieces that I sneak in at lower price points as well. A high/low approach. Specifically regarding this year’s COVID factor, I found this article in Rue Magazine to be especially helpful when curating my daily wardrobe for this unique time we’re living in.

So let’s get to it; these are the clothing items that I’m focusing on this season and the pieces I’m hoping to add to my wardrobe in the near future…


I’m a jeans and t-shirt girl the majority of the time, but I also love to pair my jeans with a cute top for a slightly elevated everyday outfit.

My go-to jeans these days are these higher rise ones from Madewell or my FAVE AG Farrah skinny jeans.

If I plan on getting on the peloton or on my yoga mat, I will wear my Athleta yoga pants. These are the best yoga pants ever

Though I’m not a die hard Lulu person, I’m eager and interested to try Lululemon’s Align Pants as well! Anyone own these already? What do you think?!


My favorite t-shirt is, hands down, this one from Everlane.

When it comes to tops outside of my t-shirts, I tend to usually pick them in a cream or off-white color, but lately, I’m trying to venture out of my comfort zone a bit. Maybe I’ll even try a black sweater soon! Haha truly living on the edge over here.

With the cooler temperatures hitting New England, I’m all about sweaters and I’m loving these ones here:

I recently picked up this Cashmere Ribbed Mockneck Pullover Sweater and it’s SO cozy!

This Crewneck Pullover from Nordstrom is another new favorite!


I love a good mule on days when temps are in the 60’s. I wore my Everlane mules almost every day in the summer (sadly, these are sold out in my size now). A slip-on style, allowing me to run outside quickly, is a must-have by our front door for me (and to chase after the kiddos!).

Here’s a similar mule style courtesy of Sam Edelman.

Here are my new winter boots that I recently purchased for the months ahead (I chose the Pumice color).

And these are my go-to sneakers! It’s due time that I buy a second pair because my current ones are so worn out.


I’m on the hunt for a new bag. Does anyone have a recommendation?! I have a Cuyana bag that I love, but I’m ready to switch it up.

I’m eyeing Cuyana’s Medium Carryall Tote since it’s a classic. And their Curved Crossbody is a perfect smaller sized option (for all those going out nights we’re not having ha!).

On the jewelry front, I’m pretty minimal; I usually just wear my wedding ring and earrings. These earrings caught be eye recently and I’m considering treating myself 😉


I’ve been wanting a fall-inspired blazer to wear to client meetings; I’m loving this one from Madewell.

In addition to a fall blazer, this blouse and this smocked puff sleeve top have me obsessed.

And for the ultimate fall cozy vibe, I’m crushing hard on this oversized cardigan; I know I’d live in this all fall and winter.

And I’m always down for a gorgeous new scarf, definitely needing it sooner rather than later in New England.

As someone who wears glasses daily, I consider my eyewear a part of my outfit. I am purchasing these blue light glasses and think it will be nice to have a darker frame and a lighter pink frame as an option for different outfits. Such is life of a person who has to wear glasses and cannot do contacts!

What is your daily wardrobe looking like these days? What are you living in? What are you hoping to add to your closet this season? I’d love to hear!