Skincare Stories: My WFH Clean Makeup Routine

April 15, 2020

We may be staying at home but I’ve quickly become a believer in still getting myself ready for the day every single morning. It definitely makes a difference in how I feel, physically and mentally. Even if it just means simply putting on jeans and a new shirt, and pulling my hair back; my day feels more positive and productive. While my typical makeup routine didn’t take me forever pre-social distancing, leaving the house for meetings, going to my studio, and more did entail a bit more time and effort, than my current situation. My routine now may be a bit more pared-down (it only takes five minutes!) but it still leaves me feeling refreshed, pulled together, and ready to start the day, and that ultimately leads to a better outlook for the rest of the day going forward. Who’s with me?

As of just last month, I finally found a clean beauty swap for all the makeup products I was previously using (so if you’re in the process of transitioning to a clean routine, don’t rush it, it takes time!). Since clean beauty is becoming more of the norm and better formulas and products are being made as we speak, I have been testing out products left and right to find the perfect swaps. I’m excited to have discovered all these clean alternatives and they make my morning makeup routine feel-good on every level.

Here is my current

Work From Home Clean Makeup Routine:

Step 01. Apply sunscreen following my skincare routine. I started using Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen and am obsessed. It’s weightless, scentless, and is the perfect makeup primer. I can’t recommend this product enough! Even my husband who hates the feeling of sunscreen is a fan and uses some as well.

Step 02. Beautycounter Tint Skin (more coverage) or Beautycounter Dew Skin (less coverage, but more hydrating). I’m eager to be done with my Tint Skin and try something new… maybe this ILIA Foundation or the ILIA Skin Tint Serum. Has anyone else tried it?

Step 03. I add ilia serum concealer to any red spots/breakouts and a bit of color to my cheeks with Beautycounter Blush in Nectar – it’s a great swap for the NARS Blush in Orgasm – and bronzer by Ere Perez (a new fav)!

Step 04. Brilliant Brow Gel from Beautycounter – I haven’t found a brow gel I like better than this one! It is SO easy to apply and instantly makes me look pulled together.

Step 05. Apply eyeliner – just purchased this one in Earth & Black and love it! Curl my lashes and apply mascara – this ILIA one is hands down my favorite.

Step 06. Dab RMS Living Luminizer on the tops of my cheeks for extra glow! I absolutely LOVE this stuff! If I feel I need a little color on my lips, my go-to is French Girl Le Lip Tint.

TIP: I’ve also been using these self tanning drops mixed with my serum after I shower and they really add a nice glow and bit of color to my skin which helps when I don’t want to wear makeup! HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

A couple notes:

I don’t push beauty sales on my social media or blog, and I’ll never show up in your DMs asking you to buy something from me, but I do like to let y’all know in case you’re interested: I’m a Beautycounter Consultant on the side 🙂 If you don’t already have a Beautycounter Consultant, I’d be happy to be yours! Since I use a few of their products for my kids and myself, and love the brand’s mission (and I could talk about skincare and makeup routines all day, every day), it’s a really great fit for me. 

Here’s my link ( and don’t hesitate to be in touch anytime with any questions!

On another note… I’ve started linking all of my favorite skincare, makeup, and other beauty products on my Pinterest page! I have a wishlist started there as well so you can easily follow along with what I’m excited and eager to try, as well as what I’m currently using at the moment and have used in the past.

FYI – These are affiliate links and I make a small commission should you choose to purchase something using my link. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you all for supporting me here! When you click my affiliate links, which is no extra cost to you, it helps my team and I bring more creative ideas to you via the blog and social!