My Favorite Candles

May 14, 2020

Fun personal fact: I light a candle every morning. It’s a small ritual that sets the tone for my day and I do it right along with my morning coffee. A soothing scent does wonders for my mood and the sight of a burning candle calms me almost immediately. And while I’ve been a candle lover for years, being home 24/7 the past few weeks has made my love grow to a full-on obsession; we’re burning candles all day, every day, helping us to feel everything from refreshed and energized, to calm and collected, and every positive vibe in between.

I have a dream of partnering with a candle brand at some point to create a scent together (and putting together this blog post really got my creative juices flowing!). I’m putting this goal out into the universe; hopefully it’ll happen soon!

I love discovering a new candle brand or scent, so I hope this list is helpful for y’all if you’re on the hunt for a new treat. My go-to scents are of the woodsy variety (i.e. sandalwood, amber, tobacco) but come warmer weather, I tend to switch it up a bit and gravitate to some citrus and bergamot scents.  

Unsure of where to begin when it comes to your own personal scent style? I highly recommend the discovery kits from Brooklyn Candle Studio. You can sample a few scents before investing in a larger size; it’s such a smart idea!

My 5 Favorite Candles

  1. Brooklyn Candle Studio’s Noir Collection Mimosa Candle – Notes of mimosa, lavender, rose, and orchid over a powdery base of musk and cashmere. This one is lighter in fragrance which is nice, but if you want something that fills the room, see the blow.
  2. Brooklyn Candle Studio’s:
    • Tobacco – Notes of black tea and base notes of patchouli and sandalwood.
    • Japanese Citrus – Notes of satsuma and yuzu flirt with bergamot and a hint of jasmine.
  3. Sky Candle Co. – A local candle company that donates a portion of their proceeds to a Massachusetts animal rescue company. My favorite scent is the He, She, They, which is marketed as a scent for all (herbs, lavender, and aromatic woods). Even Cody loves these scents and he’s picky about candles!
  4.  Jenni Kayne’s Musk Glass Candle – Notes of spicy cardamom, amber, sandalwood and orchid.
  5. Tatine’s City of Night Votive (this is a votive so it’s not a large candle) – Notes of dark hinoki oil and charred vetiver blended with cypress and fir needle. Black pepper and evocative woody floral accords are finished with velvety leather and oaked whiskey. IT’S SO GOOD.

How to get the most burn out of your candles:

  1. Make sure to burn your candle for the first time for at least one hour per inch of container diameter. This will prevent the tunneling effect that ends up wasting your candle. Or at least make sure the wax is fully melted at the top during each burn, but especially that first one.
  2. Trim the wick before each burn – you don’t want the edges of your candle to turn black. 
  3. Use a snuffer to extinguish the flame; it helps to reduce the smell of smoke you often experience after you light a candle. 
  4. Keep the lid on the candle, when not in use, to avoid dust collecting all over the top.
  5. Limit a candle’s burn for no more than four hours at a time.


I’m thrilled to offer 10% off at Brooklyn Candle Co. for my readers! At checkout, use code OID10 to activate the discount.

Anyone else loving any of these above? Any gems I’m missing? Please do share!