What I’m Adding To My Closet This Spring – And How I’m Shopping Going Forward

May 6, 2020

One idea that continually comes up each and every morning as I get dressed (and especially now as we’re home so much) is that I want to create a closet that makes me happy every single day when I look at it, trying to figure out what to wear. I’ve decided to challenge myself to trim my closet down to just my favorite pieces, and then only add in new pieces that I’m absolutely IN LOVE with. I’m saying “good bye” to the days of impulse buying; I’m focusing on quality investment pieces and shopping with intention.

I’m constantly inspired by my friend Mary and her GORGEOUS wardrobe. She invests in quality, mostly sustainable, and beautiful pieces in her wardrobe, and I’m always in awe with how chic and put together she looks on any and every given day.

I’m tired of looking at my closet with no clue how to pull together an outfit because there are either items I don’t love but feel guilty to part with or pieces that I just don’t know how to wear.  So I recently took a deep dive into purging my closet down to just my favorites and I’m slowlyyyyy adding quality pieces back into my wardrobe, ones that I’m confident in and excited to wear.

I’ve started bookmarking various clothing pieces that catch my eye, and it’s giving me a little burst of excitement during this stressful time. But my overall approach and goal is quality over quantity 99% of the time, so I don’t plan on buying a lot and don’t feel comfortable doing so at this time. But I do want to add a few fresh key pieces to my closet with the change of seasons, pieces that fit my current routine and lifestyle.

My go-to outfit right now, as we continue to stay at home, is a t-shirt tucked into jeans with cute sandals or sneakers. Simple, classic, and comfortable.

My Favorite Budget-Friendly T-shirt / My Favorite Investment T-Shirt

Some Key Pieces I’ve Recently Added to My Closet:

I Dream Of Adding These Wish List Items As Well:

Additional Pieces: This skirt // This top

My Favorite Shops:

Sézane – I wrote about my love for them here!




Jenni Kayne


& Other Stories

My Style Inspiration:

Mary of Millay Studio

Venita Aspen

Ashley Kane

Taylor Sterling

Natalie Borton


Twenty Something Plus

Conni of Art in the Find

Liz Adams


I’d love to hear who inspires your style and clothing purchases! Where are you favorite places to pick up quality, classic pieces? Please share!

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Ok first of all I’m always HONORED that you like my style. Secondly, I too want those Agolde shorts and Everlane cotton linen blazer and am wondering if we are simply morphing into the same person?? I WOULD BE FINE WITH THAT 🙂 xoxo!!