My Favorite Clothing Brand

March 19, 2019

I’ve always been a “find the best deal” type of shopper. I remember growing up my dad and I would have I guess you would say “competitions” on our discount finds. He has always been someone that will find something great in the sale area of Target or Walgreens…perhaps not something he needs, but that he will use “someday”. Plus, he never splurges on clothing for himself. So I grew up with this type of shopping mentality (which can be good) and I still find myself telling Cody what an amazing deal I got on something when he doesn’t necessarily care. I think he appreciates me not being a huge spender, but he also wants me to buy the things I need or want and also enjoys quality over quantity.

It wasn’t until a couple years ago I truly understood the value in investing in quality pieces for my closet. I was always the Forever 21, H&M, Target shopper because I’ve never thought it was smart to spend much money on clothes. Well, all of those clothes I purchased have been donated or given away (or even in the trash if they weren’t worth donating)…because they lacked in performance and/or they were too trendy. I think I’ve finally found my style and while some pieces I suppose could be considered trendy, I think I’ve found what looks good and what doesn’t. That’s not to say I don’t get stuck looking at my wardrobe at times…I do. But now I’m leaning on brands that I know I can count on that work for me and also focus on sustainability, fair trade, etc.

Sézane is one of those brands for me. Their pieces resonate with my style and since I have an obsession with Paris, it’s perfect for me. I also love this commitment they shared for 2019 and moving forward about how the brand is dedicated to sustainability and philanthropy. A huge plus when supporting a company that has smaller margins – which makes the clothing affordable.

I should also say this is not a sponsored post, but I would gladly welcome any partnership opportunities with Sézane. 😉 I mostly wanted to share what’s working for me in the clothing/style world as someone once shared this brand with me and I fell in love. Here are a few of my favorite pieces: