Skincare Stories: Managing My Adult Acne with Follain

February 20, 2020

I have been dealing with adult cystic acne on my neck and jawline for over seven years now. I didn’t really experience acne growing up – which I’m thankful for – so dealing with it as an adult came as an even bigger surprise to me. It’s mostly hormonal and fluctuates from being absolutely horrible to just only a couple of spots near my time of the month. It has been an ongoing game of trial and error to find products and foods that help with this type of acne. 

As most of you already know, I am a big fan of Follain and discovered them when I moved to Boston at the end of 2013. With their guidance, I started investing in products that target the skin problems I have.

In addition to adult acne, I also have some fine lines already (eek!); if I had to guess, I’d say they’re from my tendency towards being extra expressive and not wearing sunscreen when I was younger, and perhaps from my genetics as well. I’ll chat more about these issues in a future post but for this one, I’m excited to share some tips that have helped ease my adult acne breakouts. 

In no way, shape, or form am I a skincare expert, or an esthetician, so if you have any specific concerns or questions, I highly recommend you speak with your doctor or dermatologist. I aim to share with the hope that some tips and tricks that I’ve learned over the years, may help others as well – and at least let you know you aren’t alone in dealing with adult acne; I promise there is hope!

All of the products I mention can be found at Follain: see below for a treat for all new customers 🙂

Tip No. 1

Wash your face every night; I rotate using the Farmaesthetics Herbal Cleanser and Tata Harper’s Clarifying Cleanser when I am breaking out. I know, washing your face may seem obvious, but sometimes I get lazy and skip it, but then the dirt and leftover makeup from the day definitely make themselves known the following day in the form of breakouts. I’ve also learned that if you are dealing with only hormonal cystic acne (not whiteheads or blackheads), spot treatments won’t work as hormonal cystic acne is deep under the skin. If dealing with other types of acne though, then a spot treatment can be super helpful.

Tip No. 2

Drink lots of water (I love this water bottle and I add lemon to it every morning)! Try to also limit your dairy and sugar intake; this is where I struggle as I love half & half in my coffee, and it seems like sugar is in EVERYTHING. From my understanding – and keep in mind I am not an expert or a doctor – most dairy cows have artificial hormones that are said to affect our hormones as well, so avoiding dairy can potentially benefit your skin.

Tip No. 3

Use a mask 2-3x a week, and a jade roller after it’s been in the freezer. I’ve noticed the jade roller helps lessen inflammation and redness of all my breakouts. If you don’t have a jade roller, you can just ice your face as well!

For masks, I like to use a detoxifying mask like the May Lindstrom The Problem Solver once a week and then I use Indie Lee’s Renewal Peel 1-2x a week at night.

* Quick tip for jade rollers: I keep these little alcohol wipes on hand to clean off my roller immediately after use before I pop it back in the freezer.  

Tip No. 4

Find ways to reduce your stress (yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, etc.) as cortisol, the stress hormone, can affect your skin. I’ve been doing a Mind Your Gut program with Kerri Axelrod to see if I can help alleviate some of my anxiety via a healthier gut. She talks about breathing techniques that I’ve been practicing in the morning and have seen a difference in the days I intentionally do this and the days I do not. I have a feeling that my hormonal imbalances could also stem from having an unhealthy gut, and while I’m not totally unhealthy, I could be much better; taking the time to manage my stress is a step in the right direction.

Tip No. 5

Go to the spa! Take an hour to see an esthetician, it’s so worth it! They can help balance your skin and take care of any extractions needed. I highly recommend giving your skin a detox!

By following these tips, I’ve seen a positive difference in my skin and acne, and that alone motivates me to continue to wash my face, drink more water, and more. Follain has been a wonderful cheerleader and coach throughout my journey, and they are offering 10% off your first order by using WELCOME10 at checkout!

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