Rug Sizing Guidelines

April 14, 2023

At Jess Klein Studio, we help clients navigate numerous home design dilemmas and while every project is different, there are some questions that pop up over and over again.

One of the most common questions we receive is….

“What size rug works best in this room?”

Do you go down a size to be safe? Do you choose the rug to be under all furniture or should there be a space?

It can be SO daunting to tackle without any guidance!

We’re excited to share our guide below, to help answer some of your rug sizing questions.

But as you read and review, keep in mind that, like most things design, “rules” are never 100% firm. Every home and every space is unique and that might mean that some rules can – and even should! – be bent a bit.


  • Standard area rug sizes are 5×8, 6×9, 8×10, 9×12, and 10×14, so if you aren’t doing custom, start with one of these sizes, then use these further detailed sizing guidelines to ensure a proper fit.
  • The biggest mistake we see is going too SMALL when it comes to sizing. When in doubt, go slightly bigger.
  • For hallways and entryways, go as big as possible, leaving just a small (uncovered) floor revealed.
  • Rugs anchor your furniture; keep at least the front legs of any piece of furniture on the rug (if not all the legs).
  • Keep rugs approximately 12″ from all walls.
  • Don’t forget a rug pad! Rug pads should be 1″ smaller all around than the rug itself so you don’t see the rug pad if the rug shifts slightly. Our favorite source for rug pads is Rug Pad USA.


Rugs in a bedroom instantly warm up a space and add that cozy feel that you want in this sort of calming room.

  • It depends on the space and what size works best, but we typically allow for the bed to be centered on the rug and extend at least 18-24″ from the bed.
  • We prefer to keep rugs out from under nightstands, but if needed, a shim (aka a thin wedge) can be placed under the back legs to keep the nightstand level with the front legs that are on the rug.


From family rooms to dining rooms and any and every space in between, rugs add noise management, color, interest, and help to ground the space.

  • In family and living rooms, at least 8-12″ of rug is recommended on both sides of your sofa/sectional.
  • In order to make dining room rugs work well, we suggest at least 24″ from the table to the edge of the rug on all sides so that chairs can be pulled out without going off the rug.
  • Make sure to find a material that can withstand wear and tear; we highly recommend wool.

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Main image — Photography by: Joyelle West

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