JKS Loves: Podcasts

March 23, 2023

Lately, my podcast playlist has had a greater than usual presence in my life, filling gaps of free time with opportunities to refill my cup via spoken words entertaining, inspiring, and motivating me. You can find me any given day, listening while I’m cleaning, folding laundry, getting ready for the day ahead, and commuting.

I’m excited to share a few recent go-to’s below and would love to hear the ‘casts and episodes you swear by. Drop me any and all suggestions in the comment box below, or by sending me a DM; I’m always all ears (pun intended)!

Happy listening!

Jess Klein Studio’s Favorite Podcasts

ON Purpose with Jay Shetty

From his interviews with influential
individuals to his episodes deep diving
into personal wellness and mental
health topics, I’m hooked to Jay’s
words from start to finish.

Move with Heart with MWT

Melissa is my go-to for all things health
and fitness, and her podcast is
incredibly encouraging for me.

How I Built This

My no-fail podcast listen whenever I need to get inspired and motivated, with work and
personal projects!

Trade Tales

Focused on the inner workings of
interior designers, this trade podcast is
a must download for the Jess Klein
Studio team.

A Well-Designed Business

Life isn’t all fun samples and pretty
patterns, and this podcast shares so
much insight on the nitty gritty side of
interior design work.

Goal Digger

Jenna is a wealth of knowledge that I
have had the pleasure of getting to
know over the year. Her podcast never,
ever fails to make me smile, feel
energized and I love that her episodes
are efficient!

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast

Whether it be wellness and beauty, or
business tips and tricks. Lauren and
Michael bring it weekly. I love that they
showcase different people from all
walks of life and dive into their

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