My Bedtime Essentials

March 12, 2020

I’m a big believer in adding lots of little bits of joy to your every day and in that realm, I’m on a mission to make my bedtime routine more of a relaxing ritual, as close to a spa-like experience as possible. Our days are busy with work and the kiddos and I need my evenings to be calm and to actually help me decompress, so I can really, truly relax as I climb into my clean linen sheets, after completing my skincare routine, in my coziest of pjs, with diffused lavender all around me. Ideal, right?! 😉

When my evening hours play out in this way, not only do I sleep better, but it sets me up for a better following day – AND gives me something to look forward to all day long!

But I have discovered that I have to keep it streamlined or else I get lazy, or if I’m too tired, I don’t follow through with all my steps, and then all those amazing benefits disappear! To protect my bedtime routine, I depend on the following essentials to keep my space as spa-like as possible:

I’ve been inspired by Mika Perry’s nighttime routine and purchased her course to refine my morning & night routines (highly recommend!). I plan on doing a morning & night routine post in the near future!

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Photography by: Joyelle West