Kid-Friendly Coffee Tables

March 5, 2020

I hear you mamas, and I am here to give you some major reassurance. You may be sitting on your couch, feeling defeated as you look around your living room, covered from top to bottom with diapers, toys, bottles, and more. If you haven’t given up on the idea of ever having a stylish home again, you’re on the brink of it right at the moment. 

But guess what!? No need to stress; I have something to share that I swear by, AND I have proof: just because you have kiddos doesn’t mean you have to let go of all design aspirations for your home. Far from it! Yes, you may want to make a few little tweaks here and there, but I promise, you can still have a beautifully styled home with functional and fantastic furniture, and keep your little ones from destroying it all.

Your coffee table is probably one of the main pieces of furniture in your home; your life revolves around it, collecting books, toys, drinks, snacks, and more. And I’m here to tell you, you should go ahead and either baby-proof your existing coffee table with bumpers (or some sort of protection) OR swap it out.

In our previous apartment, we had a glass coffee table but it was rounded on the edges so I figured it was safe, that Evie would be fine around it. Well… fast forward to the night when Evie was running around, fell, and hit her head on the coffee table, sending us to the hospital. It was such a scary night! So may I recommend skipping the stitches and going kid-friendly from the start! When picking out a new coffee table with children in mind, I like to advise my clients to go with a durable material and rounded edges. Bonus if it has storage!

Here are some of my kid-friendly coffee tables that cover all the bases – and I’d love to hear if you’ve found any that you and your littles love too!


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Photos by: Coley Krystyna