JKS at High Point Market

April 30, 2023

Interior Design with Jess Klein Studio

High Point Market, North Carolina

The Jess Klein Studio team recently attended High Point Market and was hyper focused on interior design inspiration as well as the most popular color palettes, textures, and materials that will dominate the industry this year.

We asked Jess (founder) and Tyler (studio director) to share their insights on how they incorporate these design innovations into upcoming / current projects and the importance of staying current with what they observed at market.

This setup all around, was just stunning.

Q + A

— What do you look for when you go to market?

J: Attending market not only allows us to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and innovations in the industry, which ultimately benefits our clients, but to also personally connect with the vendors. Physically touching fabrics, sitting on furniture, and observing rugs / lighting up close elevates the understanding of what we view online when we are suggesting products to our clients. 

T: When going to market we are always sourcing for specific client projects, but also looking to see what is new and fresh. Continuously asking ourselves, ‘what are the new trends?’ and ‘is there something we can find that we didn’t know we needed?’

— Was there anything that you saw repeated throughout the various showrooms?

J: Plums and deep greens were definitely the colors to see. Bouclé fabric and curved furniture were quite the trend at market. Curved furniture not only softens the look of a room, but can create an inviting atmosphere.

— What was your favorite furniture piece from market?

J: I don’t know if I can narrow it down to one piece. We saw a velvet tête-à-tête, that might just need a permanent place in our studio.

T: Overall, I saw so many accent chairs that I loved. Exaggerated arms, low rounded swivels, lots of textured fabric. There were so many I wanted to take home!

— What were your favorite lighting pieces?

J: All of the below —

— What was your favorite non-interior design moment?

T: Dinner with our team each evening was definitely a highlight. Decompressing after market and discussing our favorite finds, but also taking a moment, talking life, over a glass of wine.

— Why does JKS attend High Point over other markets?

J: High Point is close to Boston and is the furniture industry’s largest trade show in North America. It allows us to see a lot when we attend! We do plan to go to a couple of smaller markets in New York soon. Stay tuned.. 

T: High Point (IMO) is the market to attend. The variety and number of vendors cannot be beat. It is something all designers and people in our industry look forward to each fall and spring.

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