Benefits of an Interior Designer

May 19, 2023

Interior Design with Jess Klein Studio

Interior Designer vs Interior Decorator

There is often a misconception that an interior designer and an interior decorator are one in the same. An interior designer is overseeing all design aspects through renovations, new construction, etc. Whereas, an interior decorator mainly focuses on the furnishings, art and decor in a home, which is equally as important, once the structure of the home is already complete.

Our design firm offers both services as we are able to put together construction documentation to see a project from demo to completion. This includes the functionality of the home layout as well as the full design concept to implementation. Jess Klein Studio strives to bring sophisticated simplicity into the client’s home, approaching every project with high attention to detail through collaboration and partnership with the architects and contractors on that project.

5 Reasons to Hire an Interior Designer

  • No. 01 Time Efficiency: Designing a space is a time consuming process. An Interior Designer saves clients a lot time. Our team streamlines the process by handling everything, from initial concept development to final installation, saving you valuable time and effort.
  • No. 02 Professional Expertise: Not only does JKS have a deep understanding of design principles/elements, spatial arrangements, and materials, we are also educated in the various components of the home: electrical, HVAC, plumbing, appliances, etc. In order to design a thoughtful home, we must be well versed in these areas.
  • No. 03 Reduce Stress During a Renovation: The JKS team acts as the bridge between the client, the architect, and the contractor, all while keeping the overall design vision streamlined. Hiring an interior designer alleviates stress by taking care of all the planning, decision-making, and coordination on the client’s behalf. The JKS team are problem solvers. We handle all the complexities of the project, when something challenging arises during renovation / construction, our team is able to provide creative solutions and help implement the solution.
  • No. 04 The last 10%: The JKS team is there from before demo until the flowers are on the coffee table and the kitchen towel is hanging in its place. Our team believes the last 10% of a project is just as important as the first 10%. Our team creates detailed punch lists and they work with the contractors to make sure each item is checked off the list and you’re able to move into the home you’ve dreamed of.
  • No. 05 Increased Property Value: A well-designed interior can increase the value of your property. Jess has seen this with her previous homes. Interior designers creatively improve a home’s functionality and enhance visual appeal which contribute to higher property valuations. Whether you’re planning to sell or rent out your space in the future, investing in professional interior design can yield returns.


– Why did you decide to hire an Interior Design firm alongside the build team for your home renovation?

Client: We wanted to make sure that our home was thoughtfully designed both in function and aesthetic. In addition, with such a big project hiring an interior design firm in addition to our build team meant that all the details were carefully considered even on tight build timelines and the process was still fun for us along the way. 

– How did working with JKS make your renovation process more streamlined?

C: Working with JKS meant there was a clear communication and decision making process in place as well as a shared vision for the space. Ultimately this resulted in a smooth project with less confusion and mistakes. 

– Did you see the value in working with a design team throughout your renovation process?

C: Absolutely, I would not have done it any other way. Doing the full project at once with a design team meant it was all done the right way at once. 

– Would you work with a design team (Jess Klein Studio) for another renovation in the future?

C: Yes, I can’t wait!

– What was your favorite part of working alongside an interior design team during your renovation?

C: My favorite part was seeing how my vision for the space became a reality. I wouldn’t have known how to make it a reality if it were not for JKS. 

– What is one moment in your home that the JKS team created that you cannot get enough of?

C: Our master bathroom. I love how the natural materials and simple details come together to create a very bright and calming space.

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Main Image — Photography: Joyelle West

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