12 At-Home Activities For Little Ones

April 7, 2020

Last week I shared our work from home schedules and a few tips that are keeping us sane, and finding our new routines has proven to be a huge help in this transitional time. 

Another tactic that has helped make this time as productive and positive as it can is by having a stockpile of activities to choose from, whenever we need to occupy the kiddos or if we’re at a loss for what to do with some free hours. Some were oldies but goodies, others were new to our family during this crisis, but all bring smiles to our faces 🙂

Here is a collection of our favorite activities that we’ve enjoyed with our two children over the past couple weeks; I’d love to hear what you all have been doing as well so share below!


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  1. Create a sensory bin – We filled up a container with rice, scoops, felt balls, and more fun objects for our kids to play with and experience. 
  2. Take a walk around the neighborhood – We just printed these adorable outdoor scavenger hunt ideas for some additional fun during our walks! 
  3. Minni Online Workshops – I can’t say enough; these are amazing and Evie has loved every single one!
  4. Use pieces of paper or get out your plastic easter eggs (tis the season!) and hide them around the home and have your little one go find them!
  5. Yoga – We’re fans of Cosmic Kids Yoga.
  6. We bought a small workout trampoline and Evie has been getting all her energy out on it!
  7. Scavenger Hunt – I got this idea from Minni! For our first one, Evie had to find something in every color of the rainbow around our home.
  8. Puzzles, puzzles, puzzles! Here are our favorites!
  9. We bought a Facebook Portal for our TV and it’s been so great to connect with family and friends without having to hold a phone up the whole time – and everyone is able to fit on the screen so much easier! I know it sounds silly, but we’ve convinced a lot of our friends to get one and we LOVE it. There’s also a story time feature that Evie is obsessed with! 
  10. I just purchased a couple of these themed sensory bins that I’m going to hide and pull out when we really need a minute! Having a few “new” toys at your disposal is a great go-to for us.
  11. Our friends (thank you, Steph!) introduced us to Music with Drew and he gets on Instagram Live everyday for some music! 
  12. Movie Night – We love making movie night a special thing by going to our basement and finding a great movie to enjoy as a family (minus Harvey who’s in bed earlier than the rest). We always make popcorn as another extra special treat! 

When all else fails, download an educational app on your ipad or phone and give yourself a much-needed break – we love OSMO! 🙂