Our Virtual Design Services

March 24, 2020

So we’re all stuck indoors. Our family is safe and sound, and I’m beyond grateful for that… but we’re stuck indoors indefinitely. I’m all about relaxing and taking this opportunity to slow down a bit, but I’m also getting a little antsy. You with me?

I’m making a point to use this time to complete a few home projects we’ve been putting off. I am also finding myself making little tweaks here and there to make our home even cozier for my family during this time (pulling out some throw pillows and our favorite throws, moving furniture a bit to better accommodate fort making…).

Are you working on projects in your home too? Do you feel overwhelmed by the projects at hand and don’t know where to start? Or maybe you just need a second set of eyes (other than your significant other!) to let you know how high to hang your curtains and what size rug you need for a particular space.

OID Studio offers virtual design services, usually for those that don’t live in Massachusetts, but now, for anyone, anywhere, as we’re all hunkered down in our homes all over the place.

We offer two options within our Virtual Design Services:

01. Virtual Design Consultation

  • Fill out our inquiry form on our contact page, where you include everything you want to discuss on the call.
  • We will review, send you more details, and then schedule your Design Consultation
  • During our Virtual Consultation, you will walk us through the areas you’d like our input on, and we will provide some on the spot ideas and suggestions.
  • Following the consultation, we will provide a detailed recap with what was discussed, and any additional thoughts for you to take and then implement on your own. Typically this will include inspiration photos and links to a few products we suggest.
  • If you decide you would like to move forward with our Virtual Design Lt. Service, we can send a quote based on the room(s) you’d like to focus on.

02. Virtual Design Lt.

  • Fill out our inquiry form on our contact page, where you include all of the details of your project.
  • We connect to go over all of the details and get a virtual tour of the space(s) we are focusing on and then our team will send over a quote based on the size of your project.
  • A Design Plan is delivered electronically, including a step-by-step plan for you to fully execute the design on your own and we will go over everything during our design meeting.
  • Design Plan includes: furniture layouts and any other drawings necessary, selection of recommended furniture, lighting, paint, art and more, including direct links to purchase suggestions, and specific instructions to bring your refreshed design into your home.
    • One round of design revisions is included.
  • You receive a quality and creative new design for your room (or entire home), all from the convenience of your sofa (which considering we’re not really leaving anytime soon, makes a shift like this an actual reality!).

We are proud to offer these virtual services always, but especially during times like this! Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Photography by: Joyelle West