My New Favorite Place To Work

September 5, 2018
Although I’ve enjoyed working from home much more in our new home, there are many days I find myself needing to get out of the house to be more productive. There are some pros to working from home…like no commute, being able to work in your PJs and no makeup, and no one there to judge how many snacks you eat throughout the day. However, working from home comes with a lot of cons as well. I often need an excuse to get out of the house and work in a new environment as I easily get distracted by any mess around the house, dishes, laundry, daytime tv, and Evie (if she is home with her nanny). Luckily, I’ve found a new coworking space called Industrious I’m thrilled to share with you today!

My ultimate “workweek formula” is working from home a couple of days, working outside of the house a couple of days, and leaving one day for client meetings/in the field. It’s nice to leave a lot of my admin tasks, items I don’t love to accomplish, and emails for working out of the house as those tasks are less daunting when you’re surrounded by other people in a new environment. Little distractions help me accomplish these items quicker and I don’t hate them near as much with a coffee that I didn’t have to make, in hand.

Recently, I had the opportunity to tour and work from Industrious, a new coworking space with private and shared offices with locations in Back BayFinancial District (coming Fall 2018), and the Seaport (and locations all over the U.S.). I worked from the Back Bay location and had such a great experience that I’m really considering making my ideal “workweek formula” happen. Below are some of the reasons I loved working from Industrious or go ahead and schedule a tour!

A few reasons I loved working from Industrious:

1. Amenities

Coffee bar (with local coffee!) available all-day, Breakfast every morning, Afternoon Snacks, Fast Internet, Unlimited Printing, Phone Booths, A Wellness Room (love that they offer this space for new parents), Private Conference Rooms, Afternoon Snacks, and a beautiful patio with some of the BEST views of the city. Their fridge is always stocked with lots of drink options throughout the day too! Annie Chen, the Community Manager of the Back Bay location, is not only extremely kind and helpful, but she also loves connecting the different companies that utilize Industrious.

2. The Interior

Coming from an interior designer, this part is really important. The space I work in must be 3 things – clean, have natural light, and functional. The first thing you notice when walking into the Back Bay location is the amount of natural light and the well-designed café + common space. The design is welcoming and professional. After taking a tour of the space, I have to say, their designer team nailed it! There are a few phone rooms for important calls or a moment of quiet, a wellness room for new parents (keeping this in mind for when Baby Klein #2 arrives!), private conference rooms that I would be excited to have clients meet in, insane views of the city, private offices with glass walls/doors so that the natural light streams in, and bathrooms with details like mouthwash, hand lotion, etc. I’ve worked from other coworking spaces in the city, and they really don’t compare to Industrious. Their attention to detail is unmatched.

3. The Community

The day we visited the space, they had a lunch + meet scheduled with the freelancers and teams that work from Industrious. It was a great day to visit as I got to hear what other companies/freelancers work from Industrious! Since I am not a member (yet), I got to listen in on the intros and then was kindly asked if I wanted to share a bit about Oh, I Design. Although I didn’t have anything prepared, the community was so encouraging and approachable that my intro turned into a few conversations after. You can really tell the difference between the community at Industrious vs. other coworking spaces! 

Helpful Info + Links:

. Industrious Website

. You can request a tour of the Back Bay location here. (Seaport & Financial District locations)

. They have flexible term agreements with 24/7 access

. You can host events at their locations

Ask for Annie Chen at the Back Bay location or Liza Greenberg at the Financial District Location! Tell them Jessica Klein sent you.

This post was kindly sponsored by Industrious, a brand we are very excited about. All thoughts & opinions in this post are, as always, my own. Thank you for supporting brands that support Oh, I Design Blog!


Looks so cozy! Love to work there!

It’s a great place to work! Hope you can check out one of their locations soon. 🙂