5 Ways I’m Slowing Down This Fall

August 31, 2018

A little life update:

Work is beginning to wind down as I start my “maternity leave” on October 1st. I cannot believe I will be a mom of 2 in less than 1.5 months (or sooner)!  I will have two commercial projects that will linger past October 1st, but I am excited to see both of these projects come to life and want to make sure I’m apart of the install process for each. I will continue to blog + be active on social media, but I will not be taking on new design projects until the new year. It seems silly to begin new projects mid-holiday season as client communication typically lessens during the holiday season, so I’m giving myself that time to slow down and spend time with family. A benefit of working for yourself, I suppose, but I’m also not getting paid during this time so that’s the downfall – hence why I put quotations around maternity leave at the beginning of this paragraph. I don’t remember the last time I took a few months off, so I’m excited to have a bit of change around here.

That being said, I wanted to share a few ways I’m slowing down this Fall and what I plan on doing during my time off.

Bed, Light, & nightstand via West Elm, Pillow via The Everyday Co., Sheets via Garnet Hill, Duvet Cover via Loomstead

one . switching up our bed linens

Okay, this one might seem random, but my goal before baby #2 arrives is to make our bed a cozy, cloud-like relaxation zone. I am constantly trying to achieve the comfort level of a Lark Hotels bed (if you’ve stayed at one of their properties, I think you understand what I mean). So now I’m focusing on sourcing high-quality linens and better pillows and duvet insert. The first two items I’ve added to our bed are new pillows c/o  Sleepgram and I love that they are customizable because Cody and I like different types of pillows. Another recent addition which has been on my wishlist for a while…are linen sheets. I typically sleep warm, so I need something that is more breathable than our previous sheets. We went with the Eileen Fisher Solid Washed-Linen in White and we LOVE them! Not sure if I can go back to our old sheets now.

two . lots of slow mornings

Okay, if you know me, you know I love early mornings. It’s the time I’m most productive and I truly enjoy my daily morning routine which begins with opening our curtains and window shades (not kidding, this is the first thing I do in the morning) and pouring a cup of coffee while having a few minutes to myself before Evie wakes up. It’s the best. Now that I won’t be taking on design projects, I am going to find new things to work into my routine. Perhaps a little yoga, sitting in our backyard with coffee + a design magazine (okay…goals), or go on a walk with my family. I definitely think making larger breakfasts will be another part of our new routine! Maybe not after baby #2 arrives, but we will see. 😉 

three . finish a book (or the 10-15 that are sitting near my bed)

We are heading to Stowe, VT this weekend for a spa getaway/babymoon (without little Evie) and that means I will be packing at least 3 books because it takes me so long to get through one that I don’t remember the last time I actually finished a book. The only time I have to read is at night and I’m so exhausted by then that I just fall asleep the moment I open the book. I have to reread pages multiple nights in a row which is also the reason I can’t seem to finish Handmaids Tale. That will be on our list for the long weekend as well. 😉 But I seriously have about 10-15 books I’ve purchased recently that need to be read. So I’m going to take time this Fall and open a book and put down my phone. Who’s with me?

Books I’m reading:

Exit West – Cody recently read this in his book club (yep, he is in a book club and I’m super impressed with their club…they actually talk about the book) and he said it was phenomenal. It has won lots of awards!

Warm Transfer – Apparently, this book is hard to put down and I’m so excited to dive in! If you’re a fan of  Big Little Lies, this book is probably for you. Can’t wait to report back!!

Girl, Wash Your Face – I’ve heard really great things about this book and so far, SO GOOD!

When Life Gives you Lululemons – a friend recommended this book to me as it’s a fast read and sometimes you just need light, mindless reading. Plus, it’s the sequel to The Devil Wears Prada and since I’m obsessed with that movie, I am certain I will love this book.

I also have more self-help/business-type books on my list, but I will share those later. 🙂

four . plan less, but more thoughtful activities

As a family, we are going to get out and do the fun activities that Fall brings to New England. That means leaf peeping, picking apples, going to the pumpkin patch, etc. I want to soak up my favorite season and plan activities that don’t seem rushed and last minute. I don’t want to say yes to everything and fill up our calendar, but I want to make time for those events that we will always remember and treasure when the kiddos are young.

five . self-care

Let’s be honest, I’m about to be a mom of two and I totally get that “me time” is going to lessen at the beginning for a while. But, I am going to prioritize taking a moment to put on a face mask or practicing meditation….even if it’s just for 5 minutes. I want to really focus on my self-care this season and find my patience again (because somehow I lost it in the past few weeks with Evie…and it makes me feel like I’m a bad mom when I get upset over silly things because I’m stressed about work or whatnot). Any parents out there feel the same? I will be sure to update you on ways I found that work for me with a newborn in tow and a three-nager.

A few other items I want to do during my time off:

Clean up my computer files, organize my photos + make sure they are all backed up, nail down systems for my business so I can come back more efficient as ever, ideally hire someone part or even full-time (I have my lovely Sarah that helps me once/twice a week and she’s so great that I’m realizing I may need to fully hire someone), make sure both babes have all their memories of their first year of life written in their baby books with photos (I have written in Evie’s book but I haven’t added photos yet). I also want to finish some home projects, but I’m not going to push myself to do much. These are all things I can’t wait to get my hands on, just haven’t had the time!

When I return to work, I’m going to be VERY thoughtful about the interior design projects/blog partnerships I take on, the events I attend, the people I spend time with, etc. Everything that I add back into my life post-maternity leave, should ultimately make me happy and excited to get up in the morning. Who’s with me?