How I Recharge At Home As A Mom

March 26, 2019

Trying not to use the trigger word “self-care” here…but since we all seem busier than ever, it is super important that we take care of ourselves so that we can show up, as our best selves, in our everyday lives. Even if that means an extra five minutes of coffee alone in the morning or a couple of hours at night to read (which typically leads to me falling asleep 10 pages in). Whatever that “me time” looks for you, I’m here today to encourage you to not feel guilty about taking time for you. Below are some ways I recharge my mama batteries.


For me, home is a place that needs to be calm in order for me to be at my best. The outside world is so loud and chaotic – everything from living in a big city to the information we consume. Plus, the kiddos add to the sensory overload. So, I’ve found, if we are able to determine the triggers in our day that stresses us and if we can create a solution that will help us show up better, then we will lead a better life.

However, in our home, we would be cleaning practically every day in order to keep the house the way I want/need it to be in order to be MY best self, so we hired a company that helps clean our home 2x a month. Of course, I still have a lot of picking up to do every day, but at least this frees up time that we can spend with our kids or having “me time”.

Garnet Hill made my week/year by sending me a new set of their Signature Egyptian Cotton Towels and Eileen Fisher Senegal Nesting Baskets and Hamper so that we can keep our guest + Evie’s bathroom tidy and clean. This bathroom has our only bath in the house, and since a hot bath w/ a glass of wine and a good book is one way that I can actually relax, I will be finding myself here more now.


Since having Harvey, I’ve found if I want to enjoy a longer shower, I need to do it at night as he is quite the early riser. Working on getting him to sleep until 6:30am at least…let’s hope he does tomorrow because I’m working late to finish writing this. 😉 My favorite thing in the world is putting on a mask and either taking a bath or a nice long shower. I don’t shower every day, so please don’t get mad at me for admitting I selfishly take long showers. I try to conserve water in other ways.

Honestly, our new Garnet Hill towels have added an extra bit of luxury to my shower time. They are much softer than any of our other towels and I am now convinced we need to switch the rest of them over.

A quick tip: I like to keep a couple darker wash cloths to use for removing my makeup – just like you see at some (thoughtful) hotels.


Before Harvey was here, I would get up early and have a cup of coffee and clean up / prepare for the day and that time was gold. I hope this phase of Harvey getting up before 5:30 am fades so I can get that precious time back. Haha! Parents, anyone else with me?

Another way I recharge is after the kiddos go to sleep, Cody and I will have friends over and have a glass of wine and chat or watch a movie. Or I will sit down and enjoy some trash tv with a glass of wine…it’s such a nice way to unwind from the day and the bedtime routine craziness.


There’s nothing that can turn a day around like fresh, beautiful flowers around the house and a calm-smelling candle. These are my go-to’s when I need a mood-lifter and I’m so thankful for a husband that always picks up flowers when he goes to the store…it’s something he has always done as he knows how much I love them.

I’d love to hear some ideas of how you recharge and carve out “me time” in the comments below!

This was written in collaboration with Garnet Hill, a brand I love and am always excited to share on here. Thank you for supporting brands that support Oh, I Design.