Help Me Choose A New Bed!

July 23, 2020

Cody and I have a queen size bed and while it’s served its purpose over the years, I feel like it’s time we put a little fresh love into our master bedroom. And with all the exciting changes to our guest room, I’m feeling extra inspired to dive in! Our current bed is from West Elm and when we purchased it five years ago, we loved the mid-century modern style, but as time has gone on, I’m feeling the shift to a more upscale, sophisticated look. We have also been thinking about switching to a king size bed since we like to all pile into bed on Saturday mornings as a family, and watch a kids’ show while we drink our coffee. The queen size just doesn’t cut it for both kids, Bella, Cody and I!!

When we first moved into our home, I knew I wanted to tackle the master bedroom eventually as a bigger project. I’m determined to transform our bedroom into a serene oasis – or as serene and relaxing as a bedroom can be when it’s housing parents of two little kids. The first big step of this project is this new bed, and then I’ll start editing the rest of the room from there. 

But choosing a bed isn’t a simple and quick decision! There is so much to consider and I’m getting lost in all the options (even as a designer!) so I need y’all’s help! 

We’re looking for something that looks lovely but is so also super comfortable as we love to read and watch movies in bed. It would be a good idea for the fabric to be a performance fabric so that we can plan on it hopefully lasting a long time. And while we want to upgrade to a king size, the actual bed frame can’t be too oversized; our room simply isn’t big enough to handle that. 

As I browsed all the various options and started to imagine the possible beds in our room, it became clear that we should stick with an upholstered bed, though I threw in a rattan option for fun. Cody’s dresser is staying, but mine is likely to go which means I need to source a new one.

Here are a bunch of options I’ve been eyeing; I’d love to hear what you think! Putting this together reminded me of the scene from The Devil Wears Prada, when two turquoise belts are being considered for a photo shoot and one girl says seriously “It’s a tough call, they’re so different” haha!! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check it out here! So bear with me and let me know what you think!


Pros: Unique, obsessed with the shape, price

Cons: I wonder if as a King, it would still have the same charm; would two twin beds be a better fit in actuality for this bed, design-wise? Unsure about the quality.


Pros: Good price (and Wayfair sells the same bed at an even better price). We have this bed at our place in Vermont and it has held up well, and looks nice overall!

Cons: It’s not the greatest quality and we would need to have a box spring


Pros: Straight to the point, good price.

Cons: I don’t know that I have any negatives other than I’m not sure if I want legs on the bed.


Pros: Good reviews, loved the ribbed look.

Cons: Will I get tired of it? Too low?


Pros: I love this one so much, quality!

Cons: Price


Pros: Something different than the upholstered options

Cons: Too coastal feeling?


Pros: There’s storage as an option for this bed and I’m wondering if I could part with my dresser and do this instead to give more space for the king bed? Or is that too-college dorm life?

Cons: none?

So what do you think?!

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