Did you hear?! Baby #2 Due this Fall!

May 14, 2018

We couldn’t be more thrilled to share this exciting news with you guys! We have another babe heading this way in October. I wanted to update everyone on here and answer some questions I’ve already received through my announcement on instagram. Thank you for everyone’s incredibly thoughtful messages over the weekend. They meant SO much to us!

After having Evie, we were really torn if we should have another little one, we kept going back and forth mostly because we weren’t sure if we could handle the transition to two. It seemed like a lot! But we also wanted Evie to have a sibling…I was an only child and I always wanted a sister or brother growing up. Well, it turns out Evie was meant to be a big sis! I found out I was pregnant the day Evie fell and hit her head on our coffee table which sent us to the ER. I was VERY sick that day…but not like typical morning sickness, it felt like I had a really bad case of food poisoning or something worse. I was very confused why I was so sick with no fever and Cody didn’t get sick from the food we ate the night before…and since I hadn’t started my lady time (I think I was 1-2 weeks late), I thought I better take a test just in case. Well, it was positive and I couldn’t believe it! Shortly after I was waiting for Cody to get home to tell him the good news, Evie hit her head so we went to the ER and our attention was completely on her….making sure she was okay. We left for San Diego 2 days after that and I was on and off feeling sick but somehow made it through that trip as well as a friends trip to Seattle. It was fun to tell some of my closest friends the good news in person! One thing I want to mention is how incredibly grateful to be able to have another baby, I know a lot of people struggle to conceive naturally and it goes without saying, we feel VERY blessed to have this opportunity.

A Few Questions, Answered.

  • When do you find out the sex? We won’t be finding out the sex of this baby! We found out with Evie, but we want to do something different this time. 🙂
  • When is your due date? October 16th
  • Any names picked out? We have a boy name ready and a list of girl names we come across that we love! 
  • Is this the last Klein babe? We do not plan on having anymore after this one 🙂
  • How have you been feeling? In the beginning, miserable. Tired and sick a lot…very similar to my experience when I was pregnant with Evie. Although this time I think it was a little easier to manage because I had gone through it before. Poor Evie had to watch me throw up a few times, but she was so sweet and would come rub my back. Then she would say she didn’t feel good either. That girl…she is the best. But now, I have a lot more energy and I’m feeling much better. Other than the other day when I had to make my Uber driver pull over so I could throw up in a random neighborhood in Boston. Haha! 
  • Does Evie know? She does, but I’m not sure how much she understands! Although, she tells me she thinks it’s a girl! 😉 She also says she has a baby in her belly too. 

Photo 1 by Nicole Baas Photography