5 Friday Favorites .03

May 18, 2018

Happy Friday, friends! I hope you’ve had a great week! We are planning on sticking around the house this weekend, for the most part, to finish up some home projects. We are trying to get our new home organized and clean for our upcoming guests! What’s on your calendar this weekend?

one – Banwood Balance Bike First Go! How cute is this bike? I can’t wait to teach Evie how to ride a bike. When do kids typically learn how to ride a bike without training wheels?!

two – This Vintage-style Floor Storage from Pottery Barn – we have a fairly small bathroom for the number of products I like to have on hand, so we are coming up with clever storage solutions. I love this so much!

three – Donna Table Lamp from Schoolhouse Electric – I love the silhouette of this lamp. It’s a favorite right now and I’m hoping to find the right project to include it in.

four – This Amira Bath mat from Studio McGee is SO cute! I’m thinking of putting this in our guest bath. Studio McGee just gets it… am I right?

five – Okay, I have an amazing resource to share with you guys that my friend created! The Well Library is the best tool for anyone who wants the resources to live a healthy life approved by a dietician. My friend Megan created this library as a toolkit for you to access whenever and wherever you want to support you in your own health and sustainability journey. I love the goal setting, exclusive recipes, and holistic medicine cabinet sections! It’s only $129 and worth every penny and more. Get more info here.

Happy Weekend!