5 Products That I’m Currently Loving

November 12, 2019

I get really (really) excited when I find a new product that hits all the high points. A product that I love, that my family loves, that we end up using day in and day out. These are the items that make up our home and our life, and when I discover a new one, well, I like to tell anyone and everyone who’ll listen.

These five products below are new in the Klein household and holy moly, they’re making a difference. I’m crushing hard and eager to share the goodies with y’all. From a new go-to cleanser to the loveliest of scents that I want to be surrounded by for the foreseeable future, these are the items I can’t stop raving about.

  • I’ve been through my fair share of cell phone cases over the years, but I won’t be trading in this new one anytime soon. The OTOFLY Ultra Slim Fit iPhone Case is super sleek, chic and keeps my must-have tool safe as well – win, win, win. Thank you for the recommendation, Ashley!
  • It’s the holiday season and I’m totally on the seasonal scent bandwagon with these two beauties (candle #1 and #2). I dream of buying 20 of each, and burning them all day, every day. The scents are perfect for this time of year, woodsy aromas that make our home feel like a festive fir tree wonderland. 
  • ‘Tis also the season for sickness (our house has already been hit HARD) so you better believe I’m cleaning nonstop. Thank goodness I’m also in love with this Ever Spring All-Purpose Cleaner from Target; it’s been in constant use every single day.
  • I’m all about cozy, and there’s no clothing brand that captures cozy as stylishly as Sezane. Their sweaters are my fall and winter uniform, and if you happen to be on the search for any gift ideas for me, well… look no further.
  • Whether it’s dropping Evie off at school or driving to a client’s home or my studio, it seems I’m constantly on the go. I’ve been LOVING my new Portable Ceramic Porter Coffee Mug so that I can bring my coffee with me. Sustainable and functional. My friend Mary introduced me to it and speaks highly of it as well…love that you can put it right into the dishwasher for easy cleaning!

Can you sense my excitement!? I plan on doing more of these posts so going forward so please share any new discoveries of your own! It can be anything, there are literally no limitations 😉 (As you can tell, I get obsessed with everything from all-purpose cleaners to phone cases).

Photo by: Coley Krystyna