5 Friday Favorites .02

February 16, 2018

Hello Friday! I’m currently mid-flight to Seattle after spending the past week in San Diego (for work & fun). I cannot tell you how special it was to introduce Evie to some of our closest friends and the beauty of Southern California. It was a hard goodbye as we had not been back since 2014 and we realized how much we miss it…but we still love our Boston life and living in the NE. It’s just a different kind of love…you know?

Anyway, here’s this week’s 5 Friday Favorites!

01 // Teak Tree Root Bowl from St. Frank – how beautiful are these bowls? I can see them styled beautifully in a built-in or on a coffee table or kitchen island.

02 // Fairy String Lights from Cable & Cotton – this amazing UK brand is now shipping to the US! YAY! We received some white string lights for Evie’s room and are going to get creative with them. Evie loves them so much! You can also choose your own colors for events, weddings, etc.

03 // Cylinder Task Double-Arm Wall Light from Rejuvenation – how sexy is this light?! Seriously I’m obsessed.

04 // Winter Nights Unisex Fragrance from Maven – I fell in love with this woodsy scent at this shop I ran into in San Diego. I couldn’t leave without it. This fragrance has notes of coastal forest, driftwood bonfire, cardamom tea, lavender flowers and wild musk. Need I say more? I love that it’s unisex, but Cody better not steal it from me.

05 // Faux Vine Plant in White Pot from Target – faux plants are getting more and more attractive. I love this wispy-ness (yep…wispy-ness) of this one.