5 Friday Favorites .01

January 26, 2018

You know what’s great? Sigh – Realizing we are a month into the new year and I haven’t put up a Friday Favorites – well, let’s be honest, I didn’t put up many last year either. Luckily this year, I’ve already planned out a lot of content so I’m feeling really good and on top of things. We are starting this year’s 5 Friday Favorites off as .01 so you can easily keep track of these posts to refer back to. This week’s favorites are a bit random and they don’t have a theme…other than that, they’ve either caught my eye or are something we have and love.

01 // I gifted myself this Cuyana laptop case because mine was REALLY grungy and I felt embarrassed every time a client saw it. I even had it monogrammed and I’m obsessed!

02 // One of my new rituals this year is to read before bed, whether it’s a book or a magazine, an article…whatever…just read more. I love having the book in my hands and flipping the pages. I started Little Fires Everywhere and so far SO good!

03 // Ashley of Brunch on Chestnut, hands down one of my favorite content creators/bloggers, recently wrote about her coffee table styling and I feel as though we share a similar design aesthetic…just on different coasts. 🙂 She mentioned her love for matchbooks and I also have this obsession/collection – so, I might need to add this indigo matchbox to my growing collection!

04 // I saw this bathroom on Pinterest the other day and my oh my, I’m loving this overall bathroom feel.

05 // Okay, Evie was recently gifted these Ava boots from Kamik (color: Cha) and I have to share that if you are a mama/papa *HA*… these are AMAZING winter boots! We are hoping we can get another season out of them and if not, we will be purchasing a new pair next year! Highly recommend.