I am so excited because we are heading to Norwich, Vermont again this year for another Friendsgiving! You can read about our trip last year here. I really wish it was going to snow again, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. 🙁 However, I am still really excited for chilly weather, making new friends/catching up with old ones, warming up by the cozy fireplace, apple cider mimosas, watching endless youtube videos/playing games, going to the nearby towns and of course…lots of eating! Packing has always been a struggle for me as I feel like if I don’t have my entire closet, then I won’t have anything to wear. It’s hard for me to plan outfits! But since having Evie, I’ve been better about packing since I have to make sure her bag is packed each time we leave the house. So here’s what I have so far…What I'm Packing for Thanksgiving in Vermont // Oh, I Design Blog What I'm Packing for Thanksgiving in Vermont // Oh, I Design Blog What I'm Packing for Thanksgiving in Vermont // Oh, I Design BlogWhat I'm Packing for Thanksgiving in Vermont // Oh, I Design Blogone // jcrew cocoon coat (the one everyone & their dog owns) 😉  two // goorin bros. felt fedora hat  three // zara turtleneck sweater  four // chambray shirt (similar to this one)  five // jcrew black quilted puffer vest  six // buffalo plaid scarf  seven // (I pulled the trigger on the boots!!!) sperry for jcrew shearwater buckle boots  eight // deWolfe billie bracelet (I got it embossed with Evie’s birthday)  nine // wandertruck black & brass stud earrings

pause. I have to tell you how much I adore Wandertruck. I recently met Laura, the founder of Wandertruck, online and I have loved getting to know her and her travel boutique. Yes, you heard me right…travel boutique! I can’t wait to attend one of her events or find her on instagram and see where she is that day. She has so many things I want and the bonus? Her curated products are American-made. I love my new black & brass studs…and you will see a couple of other items below!

Untitled-1ten // (sorry for the blurriness) farmaesthetics face cleanser  eleven // organic bath co. enhance face oil  twelve // follain lip balm  thirteen // follain one love organics eye cream  fourteen // wandertruck ceramic water bottle  fifteen // wandertruck cordito leather cord wrap  sixteen // wandertruck leather tote bag in camel

Also, Laura at Wandertruck was so kind and wanted to extend a promo code to you guys  to receive 20% off until 12/15/15. Just enter the code: OHIDESIGN20

Where are you going for Thanksgiving?!