Welcome Harvey!

November 26, 2018

….or should I say Happy One Month, Harvey! Haha…I’m a bit late in getting this post up as we’ve been adjusting to our new normal with two littles plus we’ve been occupied with family and friends visiting. But without further ado…I’d like to formally introduce you all to Harvey Scott Klein. He was born on October 21st at 1:30 am (on the dot!) and was 7lbs 13oz. I love that we waited to find out the gender this time and was thrilled to hear Cody say “It’s a boy!!” with tears rolling down his cheeks. Ugh, I will never ever forget that moment.

Some questions that have come our way…

  • How are you feeling?

The first week home was rough, but I’m finally feeling a bit more like myself now that a month has gone by. My body didn’t take as much of a beating this time…like it did when I had Evie. I won’t go into too much detail, but I’m just glad I don’t have to wear a maxi pad anymore (HA!) and can wear normal pants. I did go through awful breastfeeding pains at the beginning, but luckily I was able to get help from Boston Naps and they truly were a godsend…pain went away a couple days later after fixing a latch issue.   ps…If anyone is interested in hearing about our birth story or if there are any mamas-to-be that have questions – I am an open book and will tell you everything. But I don’t plan on sharing Harvey’s birth story here.

  • Are you having any more kids?

No, we will not be having any more little ones. I am an anxious person and I cannot imagine having 3 to be honest.

  • How is Evie adjusting?

She is adjusting pretty well – she LOVES her little brother and kisses (and pokes) him non-stop. haha! But she has her moments, I think it’s more about her becoming a “three-nager” than anything. Our biggest struggle with her right now is she doesn’t listen and knows exactly what irritates us…parenting is no joke. Am I right, parents?

  • How’s Bella?

She’s good! Sometimes she looks at us like we are crazy. But she mostly just wants to cuddle with the new baby and lay in his snuggle me bed.

  • Will you continue to travel?

Yes! We are crazy and have two big trips booked for 2019 already. One of them will definitely be kid-less (which I’m a little worried about since I’m pretty much exclusively breastfeeding…gotta pump and save a lot of milk). Then the other trip we are figuring out if we will bring the kids or not. We definitely will continue to travel around New England! We are also traveling to OKC for one of my best friend’s weddings in a couple of weeks…totally panicked about logistics once we get there…but I’m not that nervous for how the flights will go since he is so young and Evie is old enough to be entertained. I’m also nervous about all that we have to pack. We will see how it goes! 😉

We couldn’t be more excited to see what the next year (and years to come) bring for our little family! I cannot thank you all enough, my thoughtful community/friends, for the kind messages, texts, and comments about the arrival of our new addition. Means so much to us!

Also, ignore any grammatical errors in this…writing during naptime! 😉


Loved reading this Jessica. Your writing is always enjoyable to read but I I love reading about your beautiful family. Hope you guys had an awesome Thanksgiving. Hug the little ones for me. Love Tonoka

Thank you so much, Tonoka! 🙂 So happy you had a moment to read. We miss you and hope to see you all very soon!