This man.

His name is Kelly Packard (no, not the girl from Baywatch) and he is an always-smiling, 
volunteering, hardworking, un-materialistic, Mr. fix it, always giving & never taking…kind of man. 
 He is on the board of the Multiple Sclerosis Society – Oklahoma Chapter (along with many other 
charities and organizations).  He has rode his bike 150 miles year after year, never missing an 
event to support this charity.  My dad has lost a lot of close loved ones throughout his lifetime
 which has given him such an inspirational courage and the most amazing view on life.
  It is almost hard to explain in words how truly great of a father he has been.  
When my mom passed away from breast cancer (when I was 16), my dad stepped up 
to attain both roles.  I just hope someday I have the amount of respect he has from hundreds 
of people.  I am just blessed to have someone like him to call MY DAD. And as Father’s day
 is less than a month away, I hope everyone can send their dad a card or call 
and make sure he knows how special he is.  

What he has taught me??? To volunteer and give as much as possible among countless 
of other things. The picture above is from the Race for the Cure in OKC – I am a team
 captain and do the run every year in memory of my mom.  I believe the part of the 
way to true happiness is giving back and doing something nice for others. Whether it is a 
post-it note with a two nice words to uplift someone’s day, volunteering or holding
 the door open for someone. Doing something nice for others will never get old. 
 I hope whoever is reading this gets inspiration to get involved within your community.  
I mean heck it’s a great way to meet people if anything!


I think I am going to give these to my dad for Father’s day.  
What do you think??
His favorite thing to do is cycle so I thought they would be simply perfect.  
I found them on Etsy (of course).  Click the link below the picture if this is something 
you are interested in purchasing as well.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!  Cheers!!