Outdoor Deck Design #OHIDESIGNHOME

June 21, 2017

My favorite day is June 21st. It’s Summer Solstice which means we get 16 hours and 38 minutes of sunlight, and since I thrive off of sunshine, I’m a very happy camper on this day. I plan on spending the late afternoon/evening on our deck and not leaving until the sun is completely gone. Since moving into our home, we have done a lot of work to the exterior. To give you a bit of a refresh or if you are new here, we bought our first home 2 years ago – the top floor of a triple-decker in Boston, MA, it’s 3-bedrooms & 2-baths and 1,200 sq. ft. It’s pretty common in Boston to own a floor of either a brownstone or a triple-decker instead of living in a single family. I absolutely love it, but there are definitely some pros and cons. You know, like carrying Evie up and down 4 flights of stairs every day, but looking on the bright side, it’s keeping me in shape. 😉 I digress. So we have two decks, one at the front of the house and one at the back. The back deck is where we spend most of our time, there’s more space, a nice little view, and it’s that’s where our grill is located.

Since my husband is a Landscape Architect, we’ve had a great time designing and planning our decks together.

Below is some exterior inspiration that looks nothing like our home, but aesthetics we hope to achieve in other ways if that makes sense.
Below is the in-progress design scheme for our patio. We already have two of the rugs from dwell studio, the sofa, string lights,  and some planters & decor from Ikea. What’s next on the list: side table, dining table & chairs, different planters with a hole at the bottom (or drill a hole in our ikea ones…our plans keep dying). Does anyone else have this issue? Also, how amazing is that outdoor rolling cooler?! That’s definitely on my wish list. Because it’s really exhausting to walk 15 feet to the kitchen. 😉 haha!

Once we have everything styled and ready to photograph, I will be sure to show you some before’s & after’s with final products we use.



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your hyperlinks all say “outdoor rolling cooler”, while its an exciting cooler I don’t think you meant to title all of them that way 🙂

Thank you so much for letting me know!! That’s so strange. Fixing them right away. 🙂