PROGRESS – Vermont Family Room

September 27, 2019

I can’t believe we’ve have had our little VT getaway house for about 2 years now! In case you’re new here, here’s the story about how/why we got our this VT house. Anyway, I’m going to dive right in on some updates we’ve made in the downstairs family room. To preface, we were using this space for storage as we were focusing on the spaces we used the most to design first and then we got to prioritize this space thanks to a couple of collaboration opportunities that came up. Let’s get to it!


I know, these are extra terrible photos. haha! 🙂


So the goal was to create a space where kids can come hang out and/or grownups can come relax with a book. I think if we feel this is a home we will have for a while, we will work on the area right outside the door you see in the photos as it’s the front of the home and it would be great to have a fire pit and seating area. The only reason we wouldn’t keep the home is if we felt we needed a bit more space to accommodate more people when hosting for the weekend (since we tend to do that often).


From the beginning, we knew this room needed a fresh coat of paint, the walls were in pretty bad condition from the previous owners, so we picked out a couple of paint colors and went for it. I think this might be the last time we paint ourselves. I forget how much work painting is and I get really tired of painting really fast which is why I don’t love DIY projects. HA! Anyone with me?


BM Decorator’s White for the ceiling and top of the walls and BM Saybrook Sage in eggshell and flat on the ceiling.


We also knew we wanted a big, comfortable sectional and it had to be a very particular size for this space. Well, it just so happened that we were chatting with the Joybird team and they very kindly sent us this beautiful Bryant Modular Sectional (Fabric: Merit Snow) and it is quite possibly the comfiest sectional I’ve ever sunk into. This sectional is an actual dream and I’m not just saying that because it was gifted to us. Even the critics in the fam (not saying any names…ahem…Cody…Grandpa Roger) are serious fans of it. They are trying to convince me to move the sectional upstairs to replace our West Elm one. But I love it in this space and I like that there isn’t a tv in this room so when you’re in here, you actually have to sit and read a book or rest.


again, we have the Bryant Sectional in Merit Snow. I would suggest getting a performance fabric. We received this sectional and since it was already made, we weren’t able to pick the fabric. I love the white and it’s soft, but if I were to choose the fabric myself, I would go with one of their performance (Crypton or Sunbrella) fabrics.

I have looked into some more “green” alternatives to Scotchguard so we are going to test those and see how it works. I will keep you updated for those interested in learning more about treating your upholstery!


The oak coffee table/chest and oak bookcase are from Oak Furnitureland. They also sent us these pieces for this space! We recently relocated the bookcase as we found a better fit in the upstairs living room and I will be sure to share more photos of that once we get everything situated soon. So you may be asking what happened to the ottoman in the middle of the space? We moved it to the corner of the opposite of the room as a reading chair. It’s SO cozy and I cannot wait to style it out and take final photos.

So that’s the next item to chat about…what’s next?! Yes, this is a progress post. I wanted to make sure I documented the progress as I feel like I don’t highlight the process enough here.


  • a larger, warmer rug
  • a big piece of art above the sectional
  • a game table or some sort of table on the opposite wall
  • new window treatments
  • pillows to replace the chevron ones

This post was written in collaboration with Oak Furnitureland and Joybird. Thank you for supporting the brands that we love and help us continue to be able to create content for Oh, I Design Blog!