My Favorite Go-To Hostess Gifts This Holiday Season

December 6, 2019

There are a million gift guides populating your favorite websites, blogs and social media accounts these days, so instead of adding to your content-filled clutter, I thought I’d stick with an area of giving that I feel like I constantly need to have ready just in case: the “dreaded” hostess gift. 

Especially during this time of year, we’re often caught empty-handed as we run off to last-minute parties, preschool functions that I forgot about, and more get-togethers and events than usual. It’s really reassuring to have something on hand at all times to give the hostess that’s not just a bottle of wine (or cookies from the grocery store still intact in their plastic container… call me out on guilty here). 

When I actually have it my act together, I strive to give the hostess something that is not only beautiful, but beneficial in some sense as well. Something that’ll make them smile but also something they can actually use. If it gets forgotten by the next morning, or in the trash by the end of the week, then that’s a gift-giving fail and no one wants that!

One tip I have with hostess gifts is to keep a few on hand throughout the year so you aren’t scrambling last minute. Try going to Homegoods and picking up a few boxes of matches or cheeseboards so you have them on hand, ready to wrap up at a moment’s notice!

Here are my favorite hostess gifts to give during the holiday season and beyond:

Candle & Matches: Who doesn’t love a gorgeous candle!? Add in some classy matches and your gift just went from sweet and classic, to supremely chic.

Candle Accessories: I love pairing this with a candle, but they make great gifts even without one. These tools make your candles last longer… I use my wick cutter pretty much every day.

Cheeseboard + Cheese Knives: You really can’t go wrong here, unless the host/hostess doesn’t eat cheese. 😉

Coffee Essentials w/ Bag of Coffee: If it’s a late-night party, it’s a safe bet that your host will be feeling it the next morning. Give them a little help with some great coffee to look forward to. Another idea I love: include a delicious loaf of pound cake or breakfast bread for them to enjoy as they recover.

Hand Towel w/ Rosemary: Once again, a little added touch to a simple gift (this time with the rosemary) boosts up its style and thoughtfulness the perfect amount.

Follain Soap: Follain is my go-to source for beautiful skincare products and their soap is a cult classic for a reason! I am so glad to be supporting a local business but also encouraging my friends and loved ones to use better products.

Bottle of Wine & Cute Opener ** I know, I know, it’s a bottle of wine… but it’s a cliche go-to gift for a reason – people do enjoy it! But if giving booze, make sure it’s great quality or has a great story connected to it. Adding a little accessory gives it a great little extra pizazz as well. Cody’s landscape architecture firm designed the Hall Winery so we are going to start buying from them for gifts soon!

Any great gifts I missed!? Please do share your go-to hostess gifts – I’m always on the hunt for fresh ideas!

P.S. If you’re still on the hunt for more gift ideas, I have several blog posts from over the years with my favorite suggestions! Check them out here!