evie-seven-monthsWell it’s safe to say I am loving this stage of being a mama. While it comes with being more attentive on my part, seeing Evie interact with us and play is so much fun! Gone are the days when she would only sleep and eat…sleep and eat. Now it’s all about rolling around everywhere, smiling, belly laughs, big cries and playing, with a side of sleep and more eating.

A lot of people have been asking how I am juggling everything. Like managing the design business, keeping up with the blog (that’s questionable as I didn’t post all last week…ugh), and devoting time to Evie. I think the nitty gritty is for a future post, but it may look like I have it all together on instagram and snapchat (ohidesign) when I am really just getting by like every other working/stay-at-home mama. Of course, I do have some tricks that have worked for us (that might be useful to other moms & business owners working from home) but there are the good days and the ones where we just cannot win. I personally enjoy hearing how others work from home so it may be worth it…future-post worthy? You guys tell me. Processed with VSCO with b1 presetI’ve skipped documenting months 3-6 on here…oops. 🙂 Life happens I suppose.

A few things about Evie:

\\ she is almost fully able to sit up, she still gets a little wobbly after a few minutes and will fall over.

\\ she kisses me with a big open mouth and it makes my heart SO happy.

\\ when we say Evie or Evs she looks at us!

\\ she started enjoying solid foods around 5 months and is now eating pears, apples, oatmeal, lemons, oranges, avocado.

\\ her belly laughs are the best

\\ she still loves being out and about – this girl is going to be social.

\\ she says “dadada and bob”

\\ bath time is still her favorite and she started taking swim lessons

\\ we are in the process of learning sign language


She has my heart! Cutest mama/daughter duo there ever was!!!

You’re the best. 🙂 LOVE YOU!