Men’s Skincare – Cody’s Favorites

May 7, 2019

My obsession with taking care of my skin has made an impression on Cody. He has his own routine now and let me just tell you, he is PROUD OF IT. He makes sure I know that he’s using his Ursa Major Tonic and applying the Ursa Major Face Balm. It’s hilarious and I love him for it.

He has a bit of rosacea on his cheeks so we have found some products that help protect his skin and calm the redness. One product I didn’t mention in the round-up is Farmaesthetics Herbal Hydration Remedy and it’s only because Cody has forgotten to add this to his routine as of late. This mask/moisturizer helps calm and soothe the skin – I think if he were to use this more often, it would help his rosacea tremendously. Cody – if you’re reading this, remember to use your mask! 😉

So here’s a breakdown of his routine and you can shop his favorite products below. Trust me, he has sampled a few others and these are the winners!


(I should note that he should be washing his face at night, and I’m working on that, but right now he washes his face in the shower in the morning).

  • Washes and Exfoliates his face with the Beautycounter Exfoliating Cleanser
  • Uses the Ursa Major Tonic with a cotton pad all over his face and neck
  • Sometimes he applies a spot treatment if he has a blemish (which is rare…ugh so jealous)
  • Then he moisturizes with the Ursa Major Face Balm

I’m working on getting him to wear SPF which will also help with the redness. But I’m at least proud he’s doing the above because his skin is looking great!