Memorial Weekend.

So…Cody & I decided to go to L.A. to see one of my best friends I have known since high school, Raina, 
and her man, Sal.  We had such a wonderful time. We went to Americana at Brand, a beautiful 
shopping area where Raina used to work (BCBG). We had amazing sushi, italian food and these crazy
 ice cream & cookies for $1! They also took Cody & I to Runyon Canyon where we hiked 
(in dresses of course) to the most beautiful view of L.A. It was an absolute blast!  
Might I add…never is there a dull moment with Raina. She is extremely smart, beautiful, 
ridiculously talented fashionista and a ball of energy 🙂 and I am ever so happy to claim her.

This is Raina…

Soooo cute, right?!

Whether styling for fashion editorial or a runway show, I tell a story through wardrobe. I see every project as a treasure hunt; revealing inspirations with power to evoke emotion. I admire those who see fashion as expression and play by their own rules. Who says you can’t mix prints or wear a gown grocery shopping?– Raina

If you ever need a stylist, fashion advice or someone to shop with – this is hands down, without a doubt, the ONE person I would recommend.