How To Creat A Hygge-Inspired Bedroom

December 5, 2018

Hygge: (pronounced hue-guh)  is a Danish word frequently used when speaking of coziness or togetherness. Moments of stillness and being present; feeling. Although you may not need to buy anything to be hygge, there are ways you can create a calm environment that will bring that sense of cozy and relaxation we all so desperately need. The Danes are some of the happiest people on the planet, so perhaps we should all listen up.

Although it’s probably not the true definition, when I think of hygge, I think of my most calm moments at home surrounded by good music, soft blankets, candlelight, and a warm beverage. I love the idea of a cozy night at home with girlfriends doing facemasks and sipping hot apple cider (spiked, of course).

Since we’ve entered the Winter months, my friends over at Garnet Hill asked me to create a post around a hygge-inspired bedroom. So I wanted to share the items in the photo above are what I keep on my nightstand for a mini hygge feeling each night.

I’ve also come up with 5 ways you can make your room feel hygge-inspired.

  1. Add cozy textures through blankets, sheets & pillows – I love my baby alpaca throw from Garnet Hill! It’s seriously the coziest throw and I’m excited to use it this winter.
  2. The more candles the better (but please no toxic bath & body works)
  3. Have a good read close by (I have a stack of books I have yet to dive into…goal for this Winter is to finish two of them)
  4. Treat yourself to a bubble bath
  5. Enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, whatever beverage that makes you calm and content

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Baby alpaca throw c/o Garnet Hill