FLOR's Remembrance Rug in Emerald via Oh, I Design BlogRugs are one of my favorite parts of a room to source. They are one of the key pieces, along with window treatments, that can really transform a space. They add softness, ground the room, anchor furniture, AND they have the ability to make a room feel larger. The right rug can be a game changer for a space!

I recently had the pleasure of attending the opening party for FLOR in Burlington, MA with my friend Jenny where we drank wine, ate too many hors d’oeuvres and perused the gorgeous new showroom. I instantly fell in love with their Remembrance Collection, so much so that now it’s the focal point of our living room.

photo via natasha moustache // flor
photo by: natasha moustache // @iammoustache

FLOR's Remembrance Rug in Emerald via Oh, I Design BlogIn case you are new to FLOR – they are an innovative modular carpet tile company ranging from runners to wall-to-wall installation. I love so many things about this concept I don’t know where to begin. I guess I should start by saying we’ve been through a handful of rugs in our past 3 living rooms due to some normal wear and tear and a misbehaved doggie you see in most of these photos. She used to punish us when we would leave her…ugh. Since moving into our new home she has been much better, but I love that I could easily replace one of the tiles should another incident occur! I also love that if I want to change things up a bit, I could turn the tiles into a runner down our hallway or a smaller rug for our kitchen, etc. Versatile, practical and unique! FLOR's Remembrance Rug in Emerald via Oh, I Design BlogThe photo above is right after I finished rearranging the FLOR squares so it’s before I adhered them together. That’s why you see a little spacing between a few of them – just thought I should clear that up. 🙂 Now let’s talk installation – I typically get really tired of putting things together about halfway through because my patience just can’t handle it. However, this was such an easy installation…I kid you not! All you have to do is place the tiles where you want them (they have arrows on the back of the tiles if you get a specific pattern) and use their handy patented FLORdots to adhere them together. FLOR's Remembrance Rug in Emerald via Oh, I Design BlogFLOR's Remembrance Rug in Emerald via Oh, I Design BlogNot only does FLOR have the whole carpet situation figured out, they are also a leader in the sustainable design industry. Nearly all of their styles are made from 100% recycled nylon and some are made from discarded fishing nets that would otherwise harm the marine ecosystem. They also have a program called Return & Recycle where you can return your FLOR and they will disassemble each square so the fibers and backing can be reused. You can read more about their impressive sustainable efforts here. It’s truly inspiring!
FLOR's Remembrance Rug in Emerald via Oh, I Design Blog FLOR's Remembrance Rug in Emerald via Oh, I Design BlogSo what do you think of the final product?! Here’s a little spiel about our living room: while I adore our coffee table, it’s too big for the space and is out of proportion to the sofa so we have that on our wish list as well as art above the sofa. I will update you all once we finish the entire space, but with the new FLOR rug, I am now inspired to make moves!
This post was created in partnership with FLOR, but as always my thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting brands I genuinely love!

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Hi, it all looks so great! I am looking into FLOR, and was browsing the internet for inspiration and found your blog. Thanks for sharing. I also love your light gray walls. Do you mind sharing the paint color you used? Now I have a new blog to read!

Thank you, Laura! 🙂 The paint color is Benjamin Moore’s Stonington Gray. Have a great week!

I miss you!!! Love all of this so much!!

xoxo! MISS YOU!!

Miss you too, Beck!! xoxo

You are too cute and that rug color is fantastic. Love the way your place is coming together Jess!

Thank you so much for your sweet comment, Conni! I love the color as well – a bold move for sure but I’m so glad I went with it! It was so great seeing you while you were in Boston. xo