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photo source: metrie’s fashion forward collection

Disclosure: this post was sponsored by Metrie, however, all opinions are (as always) my own. Thank you for supporting brands that support oh, i design blog!

Interior finishings (molding and trimwork) have been a decorative and functional part of architecture for hundreds of years. Molding was used to cover cracks in the plaster where the wall met the ceiling and would hide any imperfections in wall transitions. Picture ledges were necessary to hang art and chair rails were used to protect the walls from sliding furniture. Similar to today, interior finishings were used as a way to transition from one wall covering to another (for ex: wallpaper to paint). The more ornate and intricate the molding, the higher the homeowners’ status was in society. Fast forward to today and luckily there are more streamline, cost-effective options, like Metrie, that give the everyday homeowner an opportunity to be creative within their homes.

Metrie, a leading brand for trim, interior doors, and moldings, takes the guesswork out of obtain interior finishings. In addition to being able to purchase molding and trim, they are a very helpful resource to determine your molding style and plan your design project using their room styler.

metrie x oh, i design blog
photo source: metrie’s fashion forward collection
metrie x oh, i design blog
photo source: metrie’s fashion forward collection

How gorgeous is the trimwork and Fashion Forward doors from Metrie in the room above?! It’s amazing how the architectural details enhance the furniture and decor so beautifully. It’s the perfect mix of a more traditional and layered canvas (the walls + doors) with more contemporary furniture and lighting. Molding is a great way to enhance the fifth wall, aka the ceiling, a part of the room that is so often overlooked. My mind is currently spinning with ideas on how I could integrate more molding in #ohidesignhome! I’ve been perusing Metrie’s Collections, and have my eyes on either the Fashion Forward (shown in photos) or the Very Square. Perhaps this calls for a before & after post soon? I would love to know which collection is your favorite! Like I mentioned before, you can take this style quiz to help you match your personal style with one of Metrie’s collections.
metrie x oh, i design blog metrie x oh, i design blog5 Ways to Creatively use Trim:

  1. add interest to flat walls with a pattern
  2. add some ambiance to your space by adding a fifth wall (ceiling) installation
  3. paint the molding the same color as the wall or a different color for contrast
  4. frame your mirrors or tv with some intricate molding
  5. make a small room, the wow-factor in your home by adding crown and baseboards

How would you use Metrie in your own home? New doors? Crown Molding?


One more thing, are you a builder or designer? Metrie is running an Every Room Tells A Story – 2016 Builder & Designer Challenge – where you can submit a room featuring Metrie’s Then & Now Finishing Collections for an opportunity to win a prize package worth more than $25,000.

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The detail on those doors is killing me, so pretty!!

Erin, Attention to Darling

They really are gorgeous!! Don’t you just want to swap out all of your doors for these beauties?!