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Well, we survived our first music festival and I would definitely have to say it was a major success. Cody and I are very fond of good music, being in the sunshine and corn dogs. Ha! I wish I was kidding about the last one – I think we ate one everyday. But I heard that was a safe choice….the weird seafood fries looked sketchy. Anyway, as I mentioned before, we were planning on selling our tickets at the last minute because some of our plans weren’t working out. But it ended up working out just fine and I am so glad it did! We stayed with some friends in Palm Springs and got there in time to see a couple bands late Friday evening and then stayed until Sunday evening. I can’t believe we were attempting to sell our tickets – what were we thinking?!

Some of my favorite bands were:

Local Natives, Metric, Of Monsters and Men, Phoenix, The Postal Service, The XX, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and the list goes on.

I would have to say my only complaint about the entire weekend was the dry heat and the dust. I mean there were times it literally felt like someone just ran up to us and threw sand in our faces – Cody and I wore bandanas that made us look like crazy bandits.. I would highly recommend anyone who attends next year to bring one to cover your nose and mouth. Thank me later.

I would live in Palm Springs if it wasn’t so darn hot – the only benefit of the dry heat was that my hair looked awesome…normally the moisture makes it 80x bigger than it is and super frizzy. I know, you really wanted to hear about the good and bad of my hair. But seriously, it’s such a rad city and unbelievably beautiful. Maybe we will retire there -Cody?!

So did anyone else attend Coachella? What was your favorite part?