An OID Update – What’s Been Happening as of Late!

November 8, 2021

Hello, Friends! It’s been A WHILE. How are you?

We have been on a blog and somewhat of a social media break as of late. Our social media/blog coordinator and editor went on maternity leave and without her, I couldn’t get blog posts up with the amount of interior design projects on our plate. I realized quickly how crucial she was to our team! 🙂 love you, liz.

But I’m thrilled to have extra support again to bring more posts to life. Enter our new blog/social media coordinator – Talia! She is helping us strategize, plan posts, manage the content calendar, etc., all while we still have our hands in the content and content creation. We are very thankful to have her as an extension of the OID team.

Since our interior design projects have hit capacity (no complaints there!), we have been dedicating most of our time to our clients, new routines with the kids back in school, kids’ activities (swim & ballet/tap), updating our studio, training our new designer who now isn’t so new anymore, and all the other things that come along with owning a business.

A few updates to catch you up!

  • If you follow along on IG, you may know part one of our Vermont renovation is complete, minus the exterior! The exterior of the house is currently being painted, our new shed was built, and our deck is coming soon. Here are a couple of photos of the kitchen and living room:
  • Our kiddos are in school and enjoying it! It was really bizarre to be in an empty home after 18 months of everyone being home all the time. Honestly, it’s been SO nice to have a bit of quiet, but H has been sick on and off since he started school. Not covid, but HFM + RSV + you name it! It’s been exhausting to say the least :/
  • OID said goodbye to our Southie studio and moved over to Boston’s South End neighborhood. We are all settled into our studio finally!

Let’s chat a bit more about our beautiful new space…

We were so sad to leave our spot in Southie, but knew that this opportunity in Boston’s South End was the perfect place for OID Studio’s evolution. The space itself is triple the size that we had in Southie and I love that we are neighbors with many art and design-focused companies. It truly feels like an extension of the Design Center.

But a gorgeous space and fabulous neighborhood isn’t the only perks of our new place; we’re also sharing the space with Ellisha Alexina. Ellisha is an amazingly talented textile designer who is constantly inspiring me – I’m thrilled we get to work out of the same space. The space itself is half OID Studio, half Ellisha Alexina’s flagship store, giving visitors access to see and feel all of her beautiful textiles in person and shop her pillows.

I also want to give a huge shout out to The Carpet Workroom team! First, Marina, for taking the beautiful photos above and for Matt for helping us out when our studio was flooded. They were able to get us new rugs in just a short few weeks and now they are indoor/outdoor so we know that they can handle more wear and tear than our original rugs we had in the space. If you’re looking for the rugs seen above, give their team a call if you’re local and ask for the rugs used in OID + EA’s studio!

We are enjoying being apart of the active SOWA community and hope to see you at the next First Friday or other events!

But that’s not all that’s happening around OID headquarters…

  • We also have a new logo
  • & a new hire – Jenna!

I’m so thrilled to work with Jenna on all the exciting projects we have ahead of us – and can’t wait to introduce you to her more in person as time goes on! We have to get updated headshots and I will be sure to share a post intro-ing you to the team that helps keep OID alive and growing.

Thank you for continuing along on our journey and always cheering us on; it means the world to me! I can’t wait to see you in person in SOWA, hopefully sooner rather than later 🙂

A few posts in the pipeline (be on the lookout!):

  • My 5 Min Makeup Routine
  • OID’s Holiday Gift Guide
  • My Favorite Sleeping Pillows
  • & more!