via oh, i designA couple of weeks ago my husband had the idea of making a trip to Philly for the weekend to surprise one of my best friends, Mary of Millay Vintage. We have been talking about doing this for a while because I wanted to introduce Evie to Mary + Will (her fantastic husband), and I have been dying to see her shop in person. After working out the details with Will, we headed on a 5 – 1/2 hour road trip…baby on board. Evie did really well in the car both ways, basically slept most of the trip. Thanking my lucky stars because a crying baby for 5+ hours sounds miserable.

Will mentioned Mary would be working at her shop when we arrived. I get so excited about surprising people because it makes me happy to see other people happy…and I knew she would be in total shock. So we walked into her shop and her eyes got so big and all I heard was…”WHAT?!!!” Haha! It was the best moment and honestly brought tears to my eyes. It feels so good to have such great friends…I mean, even our dogs are soulmates you guys. My only wish is that they lived closer…but I am pretty certain after Will becomes a doctor (did I mention we have very intelligent friends?) then we can easily convince them to come back here. 😉 Sorry, I am rambling…
via oh, i designLook at these gorgeous vignettes in her shop! She is so incredibly talented. I went home with a few new items for my wardrobe and some body lotion + a face scrub/mask. Can’t wait to share! If you have snapchat by the way, I have been sharing a lot of behind the scenes things (ohidesign).via oh, i designoh, i designSpending Valentine’s Day with my family and good friends was the best gift I could ask for. Also, how perfect were these Honest Co. diapers for the day of LOVE!?oh, i designBrunch at Greg’s – SO FREAKIN’ GOOD. French toast to share anyone?via oh, i designvia oh, i designDuring our trip, we stopped by Terrain in Glen Mills…and oh my gosh, it was heavenly. Seriously. I was super overwhelmed with the amount of possible projects going through my head. This is the place to go for inspiration for the garden + home decor lover.
via oh, i designvia oh, i designvia oh, i designA big thank you to Will for helping us plan a fun trip to Philly and to Mary for unexpectedly closing  your shop for the weekend. We love you guys.

If you live near/in Philly, you must make your way to Mary’s shop, Millay Vintage, and if you don’t…you can shop online! It’s absolutely gorgeous and worth the trip…and I’m not just saying that because she’s my friend. Although that does play a big part. 🙂


Um, who is that hottie in the leather jacket and beanie? And shame shame shame on us for not even thinking to get a photo together…we crazy. Intense withdrawals are already happening! 🙁

Best weekend ever, I love you guys. xoxo!!!

Withdrawals still happening and it’s Wednesday! Also, that coffee….I am craving it. Can Will mail me a freshly made cup every morning please? Ps. we didn’t get a photo and it looks like Cody didn’t even make the trip (where are my photos of him?!). haha love you girlfriend.