3 Easy Ways We Updated Our Master Bath

February 4, 2019

I’m so excited to share another update of our #ohidesignhome! We recently swapped out a few things in our Master bath which was already updated when we moved in, but I wanted to add my touch to it. Here are the items we switched out:

1. Lighting:

One thing I don’t love about our new house in Boston is that every room has recessed can lights and no other fixtures like sconces or pendants that we could swap out (other than our kitchen island pendants). This is something I love about older homes or homes where the builder/architect cares about those details because having different types of lighting is so important. Since our home was a recent gut renovation, the builder decided to only put in can lighting for financial purposes I’m sure. While I’m happy to have a house that comes with a lot of light, it doesn’t feel cozy at night and we are not ready to invest in dimmers in every room.

So when I was approached by my friends at Clarkson Lighting and Martha Stewart Living to update the lighting in one of our rooms, I jumped at the opportunity. I decided one room I really wanted to focus on was our master bath. So here’s the deal….when I get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, we have one switch that turns on about 7 can lights and it’s sooo bright. It’s not great for my eyes or with a newborn being in our room. Plus, I felt our bathroom would look 100x better with a sconce above the mirror. I just love sconces, don’t you?

We decided to go with the Hooper 2 Sconce from Clarkson Lighting because it worked well with our measurements and we liked the idea of having two lights vs. one. I also think the style works great with the master bath design and the chrome finish looks really nice in person. But now I’m thinking I want to swap out our mirror to maybe a brass finish…what do you guys think?

2. Paint:

After some debate, we decided to go a little darker for the paint on the walls and ended up with one of my favorites, Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal. At first I was nervous to go darker because the space is pretty small, but there’s not a lot of wall that isn’t tiled so I thought it would be fun to go with something more bold…plus there’s a nice big window. I love how it turned out! It feels cozy and yet, sophisticated.

3. Cabinet Hardware & Hooks:

Since our home was a recent renovation, all the finishes and cabinetry were updated and looked nice, but I felt like the space needed to reflect our style a bit more. Since I didn’t love the original cabinet hardware and there was only one bath towel bar, we decided to change those to 3 hooks as even the smallest of details can make a big impact. We chose these brushed brass cabinet knobs to give a little warmth against all the grey and then added three of these hooks in the same finish. Now I think we just need to add one hook right outside the shower door so we can access a towel from the shower easily.

These are 3 easy ways we have updated our bathroom going into 2019! Do you have any rooms that only need a few easy updates you can accomplish over a weekend? Share below!

My future bathroom wishes: to have a bathtub and a double vanity…but I guess I will have to wait a while for those because we are not moving any time soon. 😉

This post was created in partnership with Clarkson Lighting and Martha Stewart Living. All opinions, images, and content are, as always, my own. Thank you for supporting brands that support Oh, I Design Blog!